Piedmont Cattle Marketing Association
The Piedmont Cattle Marketing Association is a source of high quality, owner produced, preconditioned calves. PCMA members are from east-central Alabama and west-central Georgia. PCMA members are BQA certified and dedicated to producing a healthy, high quality animal for the beef industry.

Our health and weaning program is as follows:

 All calves are vaccinated for blackleg, hemophilus sommus, IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV, lepto, and pasteurella haemolytica. All vaccinations are completed at least 2 weeks before delivery. All calves are dehorned and healed. All steers are knife castrated.

 All calves are weaned a minimum of 30 days from delivery date. A 45 day post weaning period by delivery date is recommended.

 Next Sale Date : August 17th , 2017  (click here to view 2017 sale catalog)


For more information contact:

Don Green, Auctioneer:  (256) 449-6247

Chad Green:  (334) 863-0833

Cal Green:  (334) 863-0246

Email:  info@pcmabeef.com