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The Piedmont Cattle Marketing Association is a source of high quality, owner produced, preconditioned calves. PCMA members are from east-central Alabama and west-central Georgia. PCMA members are dedicated to producing a healthy, high quality animal for the beef industry. 

Our health and weaning program is as follows:


All calves are vaccinated for blackleg, hemophilus sommus, IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV, lepto, and pasteurella haemolytica. All vaccinations are completed at least 2 weeks before delivery.

All calves are weaned a minimum of 30 days from delivery date. A 45 day post weaning period by delivery date is recommended.

Preconditioning cattle to make things easier on you


Most cattle sold in in this PCMA board sale are weaned at lease 60 days before shipping. Cattle are put on hay 24hrs before shipping and will have early morning loadout using nearby CAT scales. Most load are in transit by 8:00EST.